Classic Car Auction Yearbook

Since 1994, the Classic Car Auction Yearbook has been the ‘bible’ of the collector car market offering readers an unparalleled, in-depth analysis of top international auction sales data, following how important cars, marques and models have performed with respect to various time periods, countries of origin, and locations of sale.

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The Classic Car Auction Yearbook Celebrated 25 Years of Publication in 2018

Co-Authors Adolfo Orsi and Raffaele Gazzi presented the 2017-2018 edition of the Classic Car Auction Yearbook sponsored by Credit Suisse on October 25, 2018 at the ACI/ ACI Storico stand inside the Auto e Moto d’Epoca Fiera in Padova, Italy. Here is Adolfo Orsi’s presentation, captured on video for the first time for viewers and collectors who couldn't attend in person.

Historica Selecta

As leading specialists in the international collector car market and champions for historical preservation, Historica Selecta often advises many of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, museums and collectors.

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Classic & Sports Car

“I love these books.”

Alain de Cadenet


“La “Bibbia” del settore”

La Manovella

“Ecco cosa significa sfogliare questo libro: fare un tuffo in un mondo dorato, dove la statistica si mischia con l’emozione e la passione.”

“A favourite in the [Classic Cars] office…”

Motor Klassik

“Sensationelle Nachschlage-werk”

Hemmings Motor News

“There’s no better single way for keeping track of the international collector-car market than this beautifully produced hardcover volume.”

The Classic Car Trust

“The book offers everyone the opportunity to play with numbers, creating their own personal analysis.”

“Price Guides are useful references but for serious buyers who wish to be informed there is no better way to scope out value perceptions and trends than in these easy-to-read and sequentially-organized pages.”

“For trend-watchers, and those in the old car trade, this is a valuable resource.”

“Finding – and reading – well-sourced information is key to navigating the collector-car market. One of the more valuable arrows in my quiver is the comprehensive set of graphs, charts and analytical commentary found in the Classic Car Auction Yearbook.”

Donald Osborne

“[A] massive and fascinatingly detailed book full of auction results, charts and graphs…”

Society Automotive Historians

“This book shows that data can be beautiful – and that flipping pages may be a more desirable way to graze and digest data.”

“…this thorough, beautifully done annually-released book provides an exceptional recap reference on the status of the then-current market.”

“A copy of Historica Selecta’s new Classic Car [Auction] Yearbook is an essential addition to any collector’s coffee table…”

“There is a lot – no, that should be emphasized – a lot, of work that went into making the Classic Car Auction Yearbook both relevant and informative. That exhaustive attention to detail, concise summaries and excellent design are what makes the Classic Car Auction Yearbook so valuable, not only as the catalyst for revisiting twelve months of auction history but also as an invaluable reference work.”

Classic & Sports Car

“For anyone wanting to keep apace with the market the annual has become an essential reference for collectors and dealers.”